Seasons and I - an interactive children’s book appealing to children and adults alike. This book lets children read a story about themselves, as the main character takes their name. So it is not a protagonist who colours in pictures and solves puzzles but instead children do it themselves. The “Book Constructor” bonus included with the book lets you create your own book using a personal gallery and coloured-in pictures, while also allowing you to add your own puzzles and your own unique story.


Paint Me Kids is a fun coloring impressive sketches for all ages. Nurture your child's artistic talent, and keep them busy with positive and productive activity. The intuitive and friendly touch-sensitive interface is easy to pick up color and other tools, in any language. Paint Me Kids has 16 categories and over 400 stickers with different on various topics, so your child can choose what she likes and it’s can be other sketch for each day.


Touch The Winter - Interactive Story - it's a part of interactive book " Seasons and I". it's an interactive learning and game where our children can feel like heroes of the story.


Touch the winter - interactive story - это часть интерактивной книги "Seasons nad I". Она наполнена развивающими играми, а самое главное в ней наши дети становятся, ее героями читая книгу о себе.



UcoMMultios provides quality custom software development for a variety of platforms and industries.

UcoMMultios is a rapidly growing custom development and software company. We specialize in the development of custom software applications. Specifically, our company carries out custom programming, database design, client-server, internet/intranet software application development and mobile applications (iPhone, iPad).

We are able to handle software development projects of various scope and scale. UcoMMultios offers complete cycle of development - beginning with software vision formulating and requirements management, analysis, designing - up to coding, implementation, rigorous testing, deployment and support. We can contribute at any stage of a project.

Being a small team gives us several advantages. It makes us precise, focused, and easier to work with. Our clients appreciate our full attention to their concerns. They appreciate our passion for their success.

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